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Holy Cross is a fabulous place for your wedding!

One of the most common questions regarding weddings at Holy Cross is, “Can I get married in your church?” The requirement for being married in an Anglican church is that one party must have been baptized. If neither party has been baptized, unfortunately you cannot be married in an Anglican church.

Another common question surrounds the issue of divorced individuals. Rest assured, this does not prohibit you from getting married in an Anglican church. As long as one party has been baptized, all we require is a copy of your certificate of divorce.

Part of the requirement of getting married in an Anglican church is to attend a marriage preparation course. There are several ways that this can be accomplished. Should you wish to be married at Holy Cross, the Reverend Kyle Norman will discuss with you the process surrounding this.

If you are planning a wedding and would like to use Holy Cross, we welcome you to contact the church office to set up an appointment to meet with Rev. Kyle and view our church.

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One of the ministries of the church is to aid people with those more difficult times in life, including the death of a loved one.  We know that funerals are difficult to plan, particularly when you are attempting to arrange the specifics of a church service.  The Reverend Kyle Norman will meet with you and your family and will walk through the church service with you. He will also help you to make the decisions that would be most honouring to the deceased.

If you would like Rev. Kyle  to perform a funeral service, or would like to hold the funeral at Holy Cross, simply have the funeral director from your funeral home contact the church office.

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Baptisms are a wonderful celebration in the life of the church. At Holy Cross, baptisms are performed during the 10:00 am service on Sunday mornings. In our church, both infants and adults may be baptized.

The best way to begin planning for a baptism is to pick a Sunday that works best for you.  Then, contact the Reverend Kyle Norman through the church office to see if the baptism can be held on the day of your choosing.  Once the day has been booked, Rev. Kyle will set up a time to meet with you in order to go through some preparations. This preparation is just a simple meeting to discuss why you wish to be baptized. In the case of smaller children, Rev. Kyle will ask you why you wish for your child to be baptized. This will lead into a brief discussion about what a baptism represents.

A common question around baptisms is, “How many Godparents can I have?” The answer is as many as you want! The only criteria for becoming a Godparent or sponsor is that the chosen person must have been baptized. If you have any additional questions, be sure to get in touch with the church office.

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Confirmation is a rite of the church whereby a person proclaims his/her baptismal promises. In the case of younger children and infants, these are the promises made during their baptism by parents and sponsors. These promises are essentially reaffirmed in the life of the confirmand.  While baptism occurs only once, you can reaffirm your Christian faith as many times as you wish.

The Service of Confirmation involves not only the affirmation of the baptismal promises, but also includes a blessing and prayers for the individual by the Bishop of the Diocese of Calgary, thus, confirmations do not happen on a regular basis. There is usually a five to seven week preparation period which occurs before the confirmation service.

If you are considering confirmation for yourself or someone you know, please contact the Reverend Kyle Norman through the church office to inquire when our next confirmation program will occur.

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The Reverend Kyle Norman and our deacon, the Reverend Larry Nicolay, are always willing to visit people during their hospital stay.  Holy Communion is also available to those in the hospital who are unable to attend one of our Sunday services. Please contact the church office to arrange a hospital visit.


Unless you make arrangements for Holy Cross to be contacted regarding your hospital stay, the church may not be aware that you are in hospital.  Signing the form at the hospital and stating that you are “Anglican” does not mean that Holy Cross will be contacted by the hospital. It is always best that you contact the Holy Cross church office directly.

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Holy Cross actively ministers to seniors’ care facilities throughout northwest Calgary.  In some locations, this involves a simple time of prayer and hymn-singing, and, in other places, this includes Holy Communion. If you or someone you know currently resides in a seniors’ residence, please contact your building’s event coordinator to learn what church services may already be offered in your building.

Ministry to seniors in our community is not limited to care-home services. Holy Cross has a team of trained lay-ministers whose ministry is to visit and occasionally bring Holy Communion to members of our community who are unable to attend church on Sunday mornings. If you would like to have a visit from one of our lay-ministers or if you wish to set-up a monthly “home communion,” please contact our church office.

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There are a variety of ways that Holy Cross is able to offer prayers for you or someone you care for, no matter what the situation.

  • Prayer List
    There is a prayer list printed in our church bulletin each week.  Contact the church office if you wish to have a name added to the list. There is no need to provide a full name if you are uncomfortable with this.
  • Healing Prayers
    On the first and third Sunday of each month, there is an opportunity during our 10:00 am service to receive prayers for healing.  Those who offer the prayers are duly trained to do so.
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry
    Holy Cross has been blessed with a prayer shawl ministry, whereby members of our community knit a shawl to be given to individuals. Each shawl is knit with prayers and is a physical reflection of the prayers of the Holy Cross community. Each shawl to be given is blessed by the Reverend Kyle Norman during one of our Sunday services.  If you wish to receive a prayer shawl or know of someone who would benefit from a prayer shawl, please contact the church office.
  • Personal Prayer
    Rev. Kyle is available for a time of personal prayer with you. You need not feel embarrassed if you wish to meet with him, including home visits, for the expressed purpose of prayings with you.  Rev. Kyle is always willing to pray for you, regardless of what situation you find yourself in. Additionally, the Anglican Church has prayers that have been specifically written for: house/dwelling blessing, healing, reconciliation of the penitent, and confessions. Please contact the church office to arrange a time with Rev. Kyle for personal prayers.

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