Candy Cane Tea & Bazaar

Candy Cane Tea & Bazaar

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Our goal this year is to offer our guests a good variety of baking, crafts, knitting and sewing, children’s activities, gently used books, plus refreshments in the Glad Tidings Tea Room.  Of course we have a lot of fun in the process and the money we raise is used to support parish and outreach projects.

What can I donate?

  • One-of-a-kind specialty handcrafted items from the creative corners of the parish.  Including, but not limited to, crafts, knitting, sewing, paintings, bookmarks, crochet, woodworking, quilting – to name just a few.
  • Jams and Jellies (or just the jars).  Bring 4oz and 8oz Bernardin-type jam/jelly jars and stash them at the church.  Parishioners are invited to take these jars home and fill them with some of your garden abundance: jams, jellies, and pickles.
  • “Granny’s Attic” treasures and books table.  Summer cleaning?  Downsizing?  This is the perfect destination for those rare and gently used household treasures: jewellery, china, tea cups, ornaments, crystal, books, CDs, DVDs, small appliances and electronics (must be in good working order).  Yes, this is a good opportunity to recycle, but we are sorry that we are unable to accept certain items: clothing, hats, wigs, magazines, textbooks, encyclopedias, furniture, baby items, computers, printers, TVs.  Not sure, check with Lynne Hubbard our treasurer’s convener.

When can I donate?

  • Donations of crafts, gently used treasurers and books can now be dropped off at the church when you come to worship on Sunday mornings.
  • Volunteers will be on hand on Friday, November 20, 2015 from 1pm until 7pm to receive your donations.  This is a great time to bring your donations of fresh baking for the tea room and deli table!
  • Some donations can be made early Saturday, November 21, 2015 (before the big event), but please arrange with the convener beforehand.

How do I volunteer?

There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board by the kitchen.  Can you help out on the big day?  Please sign-up, say yes to one of our team of coordinators right away and get ready to roll up your sleeves!  Pick up the phone and give the conveners a call to see how you can help out.  Do you have a favourite recipe for squares?  Sign up to donate a square to the Glad Tidings Tea Room.  We are especially eager to find a volunteer to coordinate decorating and a few strong fellows to set up tables and chairs on Friday and the same few or others to take them down on Saturday.  Hint: signing up as a volunteer saves the coordinators a lot of phoning.


Please do not hesitate to give one of our conveners a call:
403-282-7700 (Wendy)
403-289-1261 (Margaret)
403-286-6791 (Linda)
403-288-0345 (Kathryn)
403-208-4260 (Laura May)